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What topics are included?


What topics are included?
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Hear it in Swedish! offers extraordinary depth of coverage on pronunciation. Instead of seeing and hearing two or three examples of how single consonants (such as "bred") differ from double consonants (such as "bredd"), you can choose from among 21 examples! Instead of reading just a brief discussion of what "double tone melody" is and trying to imagine what it sounds like, you can hear from among 24 examples of how words such as "musik" might be (mis)pronounced by non-native speakers and then compare them to a native speaker's pronunciation.

Hear it in Swedish! contains over 2300 words, phrases, and sentences that are organized into more than 30 categories. There are five main parts to the guide. Click any of the drop-down lists below to examine a list of their contents. Click any title in the left-hand column for more information about that part of the guide.

Part 1: Basics

Part 2: Words and More

Part 3: Phrase and Sentence Practice

Part 4: Word Supplement Over 600 alphabetically-organized
words, concentrating on exceptions to
normal pronunciation rules and on
core vocabulary words
Part 5: Index Two complete indices: 1) A Swedish
word index with hypertext links to where
each word is used, and 2) An English
word index with hypertext links to where
the equivalent Swedish word is used