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Part 1: Basics


The Basic Swedish section provides a systematic exploration of:

The Swedish alphabet and pronunciation of vowels
Blends of consonants and vowels, including combinations that are not part of English -- for example, the bj in bjuda ("to invite") and the kj in kjol ("skirt [clothing]")
Examples of how you use different pronunciations to change the meaning of a word, such as dom (changing the pronunciation changes the meaning from "cathedral" to "judgement"
Single-tone melody and double-tone melody in Swedish pronunciation
Exceptions to standard Swedish pronunciation rules, such as foreign loan words
Colloquial pronunciation and informal speech (for example, shortening "med" (with) to "me"
Differentiating between single and double consonants
How common definite and indefinite endings are pronounced
Examples of homonyms
Speed and pronunciation

Basic Swedish Sample Screen

The Consonants and Vowels section presents hundreds of potentially unfamiliar consonant-vowel combinations and consonant blends.

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