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Why use a pronunciation guide?


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Why use a pronunciation guide?
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Why use a multimedia computer-based pronunciation guide?
Whether you're studying individually or in a language lab, you can concentrate on particular aspects of Swedish pronunciation at the pace you want and in the order you want.
Business and professional people who travel to Sweden find Hear it in Swedish! especially useful for familiarization with pronunciation practices and specialized vocabulary words (such as computer software and hardware terms) that you won't find in most Swedish-English dictionaries.
The intuitive user interface allows you to quickly find and repeat any word or phrase as often as you wish, without the inconvenience of rewinding a cassette tape, trying to find the "right spot."
You have immediate access to native-spoken Swedish when such practice might otherwise be unavailable.
Even people not directly involved in language study, such as families doing genealogical research, can use Hear it in Swedish! to gain knowledge about specialized Swedish words that are of interest. Examples include relationships (such as the word for maternal great uncle), how to pronounce the first names of ancestors or current relatives, city and provincial names, and much more.