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Download free
Numbers software

Expanded Content
for Release 2.0!

If you'd like to improve your ability to both speak and understand numbers in Swedish, then we invite you to download our free software, called Numbers. Release 2.0 contains five modules.

In the first module, Counting in Swedish, you can enter any number from 0 to 99999 and hear it pronounced by a native speaker:

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In the second module, Dictation Practice, you can hear numbers spoken (within any of five ranges you specify), enter what you heard, and then check your answer:

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The third module presents cardinal numbers and fractions in Swedish:

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The fourth module presents ordinal numbers:

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The fifth module presents basic mathematical operators and expressions:

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The software is accompanied by informative help files.

To download the free Numbers software

  1. Click below to download the self-extracting installation file. [Sorry, Windows 3.1 and Macintosh versions of this Numbers software are not available.] To use it, a sound card and earphones or speakers are required.

    Windows 98
    Windows 95

    Windows NT

    Download this self-extracting installation file  (3.8 Mb) for Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT.
  2. After downloading, double-click the file (numbers.exe) to begin the installation.

  3. After completing the installation, use the Start menu to launch the Numbers software.

If you encounter problems, contact us at To delete this software, we recommend that you use the Add/Remove Programs control panel and select Numbers 2.0.

Enjoy the Numbers software!  We hope you like it, and we encourage you to look at our comprehensive Swedish pronunciation software, Hear it in Swedish!, which contains over 30 topics besides numbers and is available for only $39.95!

Copyright 2002 Pronouncement Software. All rights reserved. Sound files downloaded from this Web site may be used for personal use only and may not be reused for other purposes without the express, written consent of Pronouncement Software.

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